It’s a sad day for fans of furry faces. One of the most iconic beards in recent memory is now no more. Take a look below. Can you guess who it is in the picture from TMZ? (And don’t cheat by hovering your mouse over the image.)

Chuck Norris Shaves His Beard

(Source: TMZ)

Still stumped? Here’s the answer:

Chuck Norris Shaves His Beard

HOLLYWOOD, CA – AUGUST 15: Actor Chuck Norris arrives at Lionsgate Films’ ‘The Expendables 2′ premiere on August 15, 2012 in Hollywood, California. Credit: Getty Images

That’s right, 73-year-old outspoken conservative Chuck Norris is beardless! And we have to say it: Chuck Norris doesn’t shave — he just stares at his beard hair until it falls off.

Here’s the full report from TMZ. So far, there’s no real explanation for the new look:

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(H/T: Yahoo)