A Major NCAA Basketball Team Just Took a Little Shot at Obama

President Obama has struggled with Catholics over the last 12 months while he defends Obamacare’s contraception mandate. And it looks like his woes have just worse as a separate, albeit lighthearted, battle has broken out between him and the University of Notre Dame over…its uniforms.

Earlier this week, the president revealed while making his NCAA tournament picks that he was not a fan of the Notre Dame basketball team’s recent uniform color. Beyond that, he only picked them to win one game.

“I am wearing a green tie today because we’ve got the Irish prime minister visiting,” Obama said while making his picks on ESPN. “But that neon glow thing wasn’t working for me.”

So in this day of viral media, Notre Dame decided to send Obama a little gift and let the whole world know about it. Here’s the tweet the team sent out on Thursday:


That’s right, the team decided to send Obama his own personal jersey — the jersey he said he’s not a fan of. Here’s a better look:

(via Yahoo)

Mike Brey, Notre Dame’s coach, also sent out a little message via Twitter earlier this week:

Brey tweet