‘Let Me Finish!’: CNBC Segment Devolves Into Heated Argument Between Analysts

Now although it’s not uncommon to see CNBC’s Rick Santelli and Steve Liesman get into a heated shouting match on live television, the following exchange between the two notoriously opinionated analysts probably would’ve come to blows were it not for the fact that they’re separated by several cities:

What are they even arguing about? As it turns out, the two had a rather serious disagreement over “whether normalization of interest rates will have a catastrophic impact on global markets,” as CNBC explains.

Apparently they feel very strongly about interest rates.

Of course, Friday’s shout fest was about more than that. As noted in the above, the two regularly disagree on major economic issues and the two regularly have it out with each other on live television.

In fact, watching the “messy marriage” that is the relationship between Liesman and Santelli, as CNBC host Joe Kernen puts it, has become something of a pastime for many CNBC viewers.

We just can’t help but watch.

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