Mich. Man Fights For Right To Display Anti-Obama Signs on His Property

Michigan farmer Vern Verduin. (Screen grab).

A Michigan cattle farmer is fighting for the right to display two trailer-sized anti-Obama signs on his property, according to WOOD-TV.

Authorities in Gaines Township, Mich., say the massive signs on Vern Verduin’s property violate local zoning codes, which state that all political signs must be contained to 20 square feet.

The two signs, which are clearly visible from the highway, read “Marxism/Socialism = Poverty & hunger” and “Obama’s ‘mission accomplished.’ 8% unemployment. 16 trillion debt,” respectively.

“I felt that things were going in the wrong direction,” Verduin told WOOD-TV, adding that he’s concerned about hunger and poverty.

But here’s the thing: According to the same zoning ordinances, Verduin is allowed to display a sign that covers more than 20 square feet if it for the purpose of “selling ideas.” So that’s how he plans on fighting the town.

“You can have a 32-foot advertising sign. I don’t get that,” said the cattle farmer.

“This is clearly a violation of his free speech and free exercise right,” attorney Howard Van Den Heuvel added.

“Verduin is also critical of another part of the ordinance that limits when political signs can be posted in Gaines Township — only 45 days before and 10 days after an election. Verduin said he thinks the Township is promoting aesthetic beauty with the ordinance, but he says it doesn’t promote political conversation,” WOOD-TV notes.

“I think for the good of the country, political speech is important,” the farmer said.

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