Horror: 7 Bodies Found in Plastic Chairs Along Side of the Road in Mexico

Two masked men of Urapicho village, in Michoacan state, members of a security commission, stand guard in a main entrance. Since last August 15, people from this indigenous village in western Mexico have been blocking access to their community and declared a ‘state of siege’ against organized crime armed groups. (Photo: AFP/Getty Images)

MORELIA, Mexico (TheBlaze/AP) — The horrifying gang violence that has ravaged Mexico in recent years shows no signs of abating.

On Saturday, authorities said the bodies of seven men were found in plastic chairs placed along the side of a street in the drug-plagued Mexican state of Michoacan, while another seven people, including three federal agents, were killed in neighboring Guerrero.

Michoacan’s Attorney General’s Office said in a statement Saturday that the seven bodies had bullet wounds and had been placed individually in the sitting position in chairs near a traffic circle in the city of Uruapan. The office did not provide a motive for killings, but according to Reuters, notes were attached to the bodies warning that there would be more violence.

In Guerrero state, authorities said armed men opened fire in a bar in Ciudad Altamirano late Friday. Four civilians and three off-duty federal agents were killed.

Both states on Mexico’s western coast have seen a surge of violence in recent years attributed to drug cartels.  Over the past seven years, a staggering 70,000 are estimated to have died in the country as a result of the drug violence.