‘You’re a Nasty Piece of Work, Aren’t You?’: The BBC’s Insanely Awkward & Hard-Hitting Interview with London’s Mayor

London Mayor Boris Johnson (Photo Credit: BBC)

In what could arguably be one of the most uncomfortable and bold interviews conducted between a journalist and politician in recent memory, London Mayor Boris Johnson and BBC’s Eddie Mair clashed over alleged lies, deceit and political misbehavior.

Considering how hard-hitting the interview was, it’s understandable why the exchange between the two quickly spread across the ocean and captivated attention.

Johnson, who has come under fire for some shocking revelations of late (accusations shown in a BBC Two Documentary entitled, “Boris Johnson: The Irresistible Rise”), defended himself during the interview. Rather than taking a soft tone, Mair lambasted Johnson, accusing him of a number of offenses and taking aim at his integrity.

To begin, Johnson, a former journalist, was questioned for purportedly making up quotes during his past career.

“The Times let you go after you made up a quote. Why did you make up a quote?,” Mair asked.

“Well, again, these are big terms, but what happened was — I can tell you the whole thing — I mean, it was — do, do — are you sure your viewers wouldn’t want to hear more –,” the mayor responded, clearly uncomfortable by the question and calling the quote debacle a “long and lamentable story.”

The host also took Johnson to task over lying to his political party about an affair he apparently had. Additionally, the host asked about a phone call in which a friend described a potential plan to physically assault a journalist.

While being questioned, Johnson was overtly uncomfortable and irritated.

“What does that say about you, Boris Johnson, making up quotes, lying to your party leader, wanting to be part of someone being physically assaulted,” Mair asked. “You’re a nasty piece of work, aren’t you?”

Rather than admit fault, the mayor said he would dispute the points raised against him.

Watch the contentious interview, below:

(H/T: BBC)

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