Hopper Penns Racist Obscenity Laced Tirade Against Black Photographer

Courtesy TMZ

It looks like Sean Penn may need to wash his 19-years-old son’s mouth out with soap.

While following his father into a “medical building,” as gossip site TMZ puts, Hopper Penn on Tuesday rammed into a black photographer in Beverly Hills, hurling gay insults and racial slurs.

“F**k you!” the younger Penn can be heard yelling at the paparazzo. “You’re a f**king fa**ot!”

Responding to the seemingly unprovoked outburst, the photographer warned Hopper to watch it with the tough guy talk.

“Shut up, you fu**ing ni**er,” Hopper Penn replied.

Luckily for the Penn family, the photographer told nearby police that it was just a verbal altercation and that he wasn’t going to press charges.

When asked about his choice words, the younger Penn defended himself: “I was accosted by paparazzi and made to feel like an animal – threatened and under attack, but that does not condone my own actions.”

“I deeply regret my choice of words,” he adds.

This isn’t the time that a member of the Penn clan has had a nasty run-in what a photographer. You may recall that noted Hugo Chavez fanboy Sean Penn had to serve three years probation after he assaulted a photographer nearly four years ago.

Watch the unedited version via TMZ [warning: the following video features extremely offensive language]:

Attacking a photographer and hurling racial slurs? Like father, like son? Think about it, won’t you?

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