Bodies Aren’t Supposed to Twist Like That: The Terrifying Moment a Firefighter Is Hit By an Out Of Control Car

An Ohio firefighter was released from the hospital Wednesday after recovering from being struck by a car that sent flying about 20 feet through the air.

Here’s the shocking footage captured on dash cam (watch past the first crash):

“Dayton fire Capt. Barry Cron was speaking to a victim of a crash on U.S. 35 before daybreak Tuesday as snow fell. Moments later, another vehicle lost control on the roadway and struck the first truck, which slammed into Cron,” The Associated Press reports.

Fire Capt. Barry Cron. (Screen grab).

Dayton police Officer Jason Ward was the only witness to the accident, according to WDTN-TV.

“I had just pulled up to the scene and saw the Captain get hit,” said Officer Ward. “I was the only one who saw it because the other firefighters and officer were further up on the scene.”

Officer Ward. (Screen grab).

“He raised his arm at one point but he never said anything to me,” the officer adds.  “He was obviously out of it.”

Ward and two firefighters carried Cron away from the wreck.

“I knew he was still in danger,” said Officer Ward.  “At any moment another car could have crashed on him.”

Cron was rushed to a nearby hospital where as was later released in stable condition.

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Featured image screen grab.