Dana Loesch Vs. Piers Morgan and Van Jones on Gun Control: Need We Say More?


Things got tense Thursday night on CNN when Piers Morgan went head-to-head with conservative radio host Dana Loesch on the issue of gun control. Also on the show were former White House czar Van Jones and Grover Norquist — quite a diverse panel.

Morgan began by blasting the National Rifle Association’s “outrageous” and “utterly insensitive” leadership. Norquist replied by dismissed gun control and citing statistics that show several cities with very strict gun laws also have very high crime rates and shootings.

Shaking his head, Jones said the points that Norquist made were “not true.”

“You can’t deny the science. You’re a science denier, man,” Norquist replied, shooting Jones a wink.

Jones then argued that the issue really is “military-style assault weapons” being out on the street in America, a point with Loesch quickly refuted.

“That’s a false premise,” Loesch said. “I’m going to correct you, because I am tired of this talking point being put out there. First and foremost, let’s get something straight. ‘Military-style assault weapons’ are not out on the street. We are talking about semi-automatic weapons, weapons that are capable of–“

Morgan and Jones then teamed up on Loesch to argue that semi-automatic weapons like the popular AR-15 are, in-fact, “military-style assault weapons” because Gen. Stanley McChrystal used the phrase.

“The man who banned conservative views in his headquarters,” Loesch muttered sarcastically.

She went on to say there is a “deliberate effort to conflate the types of firearms.” She criticized anti-gun advocates who think just because a firearm looks “scary” it is somehow a military-style weapon.

Morgan quickly went to the Sandy Hook shooting, pointing out that Adam Lanza killed 26 people in 300 seconds with an AR-15.

“And he reloaded four times,” Loesch shot back. “Anyone can reload!”

The debate continued to get more heated by the second, with Morgan and Jones both arguing against a fiery Loesch.

“How many deaths are okay to you?” Loesch asked Morgan. “Answer that question.”

“Seven is better than 30, isn’t it?” Morgan replied.

Watch the tense segment via CNN/Mediaite below: