Glenn Beck Predicts What the ‘New World Powers’ Might Look Like Following Massive Global Upheaval

On his Thursday evening broadcast, Glenn Beck looked at what might happen to global alliances now that America, which was once the world’s creditor, is now in massive debt.

With countries like Russia being controlled by Vladimir Putin and the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood in the Middle East, the ideals of freedom, according to Beck, are waning.

So what’s to become of America following massive upheaval? Watch below to hear Beck’s predictions:

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Beck also talked about the story of American political theorist James Burnham, a radical activist and leader of the American Trotskyist movement in the 1930s who ultimately left Marxism to become one the great intellectual leaders of the conservative movement.

His best known volume, “The Managerial Revolution,” was published in 1941. He was also a regular contributor to the well known conservative publication, National Review. Burnham believed World War II was but one episode in a larger revolution for global power. He predicted the rise of the Soviet Union and its struggle against the U.S. superpower.

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