Guy Comes Up With Clever Magic Trick That ‘Requires’ Girls to Kiss Him — Can You Figure Out the Trick?


Killing two birds with one stone, YouTube prankster Stuart Edge came up with an amazing magic trick that also “required” college girls to kiss him. Actually, he is somewhat known for clever his “kissing” pranks involving girls at Brigham Young University.

Edge’s latest trick, the “Magic Kissing Card Trick,” was posted on YouTube Thursday and it already has nearly 50,000 views. When finding out the magic trick involved a kiss, several of the girls appear to be slightly annoyed — until they realize how amazing the trick actually is.

We still can’t figure out how the trick is performed, so we won’t ruin the video for anyone.

Maybe you’ll have better luck deciphering the illusion (assuming it’s not real magic):

(H/T: Gawker)