‘The Five’ Shred Jim Carrey’s Semi-Incoherent Press Release: ‘Washed-Up Comics Have the Right To Suck’

Actor Jim Carrey responded in a statement on Friday to Fox News’ criticism of his anti-gun views, accusing the network of being “a giant culture fart.”

And you better believe Fox’s “The Five” fired back.

“Our country is great because washed-up comics have the right to suck,” host Greg Gutfeld said on Friday. “I love the First Amendment — and Twitter especially — for it exposes the soft underbelly of the celebrity simple mind. They undo everything their publicists try to mask.”

“The mystery is replaced by the moronic,” he continued. “But, really … if you wanted to create the illusion of edge, at least take a risk! Stop choosing targets approved by your sheep like peers. The only people you’re impressing are those paid to pretend you’re funny (i.e. your dates and your agents).”

It didn’t end there.

The entire panel weighed in on Carrey’s remarks, each member taking their turn laughing at the actor’s press release and wondering what, exactly, has happened to the 90s funnyman:

Click here to read Carrey’s full.

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