Police Video Shows Masked, Suspected Kidnappers Sprinting After Couple — Pair Still Missing

A man and woman walking in the Washington Heights neighborhood of New York City’s Bronx borough Friday evening are said to have been kidnapped at gunpoint. The pair is still missing and police have released video of suspects in the abduction.

The police video shows the couple rounding a corner. Shortly after, two masked men sprint after them, followed by a dark van.

Here you can see the couple nearing the corner on which they will turn right. (Image: NY Post screenshot)
Next two men are seen running after them. (Image: NY Post screenshot)
Then the mini-van followed. (Image: NY Post screenshot)

The New York Post reported that the couple is not identified, but noted the kidnapping happened outside of a building for Columbia University dental students. It is unknown if the kidnapped couple are dental students.

“There’s been a lot of muggings here,” an anonymous Columbia University student told the New York Post. “People usually get their iPhone taken, but this is just excessive.”

Watch the video in the report by WPIX:

Here’s a look at the raw footage:

Those who witnessed the scene said before they were kidnapped they noticed the couple looking nervously behind them.

It was two children, age 9 and 15, in a nearby park who heard screams and called 911, the Post reported.

Here’s the account of another witness:

Sandra Guzman, 46, said she saw a black van filled with passengers idling in front of a fire hydrant moments before the abduction.

She said one of the alleged kidnappers was wearing a dark ski mask that “covered everything except his eyes.”

“I thought it was too warm out for him to be wearing something like that,” she said.

The masked man also seemed to be trying to “spy on someone.”

“He was sneaking over to the park and looked over the wall and across the street,” she said.

The New York Post described 72-year-old resident Ramon Nunez as being “beside himself” when he learned of the crime near his home. He told the Post in his 30 years as a resident in the area, he had “never heard of something like this.”