Shhh! Can You Even Hear This Electric Motorcycle ‘Quietly Destroy’ the Track?

You don’t even have to see it, but it’s almost guaranteed you’ll know when a motorcycle is driving close-by due to its characteristic loud roar. But electric motorcycles introduce a whole new breed of quite muscle.

Professional freestyle motocross (FMX) rider Ronnie Renner recently demonstrated one such bike — KTM’s “Freeride E” — in Austria.

(Image: YouTube screenshot)

According to KTM, the Freeride E is “lightweight, noise-free and agile,” yet it still has 42Nm of torque and up to 30 horsepower.

The difference between it and traditional motocross bikes, the website states, is that it needs recharging rather than refueling.”

(Image: YouTube screenshot)
(Image: YouTube screenshot)

As the YouTube video on the channel Network A showing the demo states, you can watch Renner “quietly destroy KTM’s track.” Check it out (Note: Skip to around 1:14 where Renner starts talking about the Freeride E):

Although a quieter motorcycle or motocross vehicles might have appeal, some people could be nostalgic for the noise while still getting electric benefits. Audi took care of this problem by “composing” engine noise for its hybrid and electric vehicles.

KTM’s website states that the Freeride E is still coming soon to the market.