Slow-Mo Video: Peeps and Cadbury Easter Eggs vs. 50 Cal. Rifle Bullet

Both Cadbury’s chocolate creme-filled eggs and Peeps (of all animal shapes) have made it onto “worst” Easter candy lists. And yet, they still make a strong appearance every year, filling up many an Easter basket if for nothing more than tradition.

What is to be done with the candies if you’re a) not a fan or b) don’t want to hang onto them for that moment a month or so from now when you’re so desperate for a sweet you’ll take anything?

The YouTube channel ratedrr has an idea for you — shoot ’em.

(Image: YouTube screenshot)

Complete with slow-mo footage, ratedrr lines up the candies — first the eggs, then the peeps — and fires a single bullet down the straight line.

Single layer of peeps shot. (Image: YouTube screenshot)
Now a double layer. (Image: YouTube screenshot)
See how the bullet sliced through the marshmallow melting the peep a little bit? (Image: YouTube screenshot)

Can you guess how many eggs and peeps it was able to shoot straight through? Take a look and see for yourself:


(H/T: Gizmodo)


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