Footage Showing ‘Victims’ Kidnapped in Broad Daylight Turns Out to Be Part of Birthday Prank

Here you can see the people who would be considered the kidnappers running after a couple who just turned right on this corner. (Image: WPIX screenshot)

Video released by police late last week showing what appeared to be a couple being kidnapped in broad daylight might actually be a part of a prank.

On Saturday, TheBlaze reported about the footage and the couple allegedly abducted at gunpoint in a New York City neighborhood. The incident was upsetting to nearby residents.

Monday though WPIX reported police saying the kidnapping in the Bronx turned out to be a part of a prank among friends.

The footage of what was believed to be a real kidnapping at the time showed a pair walking in the Washington Heights neighborhood. Just after they rounded a corner, two masked people sprinted after them, followed by a dark mini-van. Children who heard screaming while in a local park called 911.

WPIX reported police saying no one filed a missing person’s report. According to CNN, people involved in the prank confessed to police and no charges were filed. The New York Daily News reported that the “victims” were taken to a surprise birthday party.

Here’s WPIX’s report on the latest with the story: