Homeowner Scuffles With, Shoots and Kills Home Intruder on Easter Morning

Two intruders were in for a surprise on Sunday morning when they broke into Lee Heng’s apartment. Rather than cowering, the 63-year-old homeowner scuffled with, then shot at the two alleged robbers at his Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, home. One of the suspects subsequently died.

The Easter morning incident unfolded as Heng and his two children were sleeping. The two suspects apparently scaled the building’s wall and entered a second-story bathroom window. Here’s how NBC News recaps the incident:

Heng was sleeping when he heard his 14-year-old son screaming. Realizing his son was in danger, Heng immediately took action.

“I jumped out of the bed and I grabbed my gun,” said Heng.

Police say the armed intruders confronted Heng and a struggle ensued. During the scuffle, Heng opened fire and the men left the house through the window and onto the rear roof, according to police.

According to WTXF-TV, surveillance footage shows the surviving suspect fleeing the scene.

Photo Credit: ShutterStock.com

Heng said that one doesn’t have much time to process before taking action in dangerous situations like the one he found himself in this weekend.

“You don’t have time to think,” he told NBC. “They came like lightning.”

Police are looking for this second suspect, who is said to be of medium build and who was last seen wearing black. The identity of the suspect who was killed has not yet been released.

The homeowner told police that he recognized the men from the neighborhood and that they were potentially robbing the jewelry store he runs on the first floor of his house.

Heng likely won’t be charged, as the gun was used inside the home and he was protecting his family.

(H/T: MyFoxPhilly.com)