Off-Duty Cop Shoots Armed Craigslist Seller Who Tried to Rob Him

Antwan Bolware (Image: WJHG)

The seller of a laptop on Craiglist picked the wrong buyer to mess with Saturday night.

Off duty Panama City Beach police officer was hoping to buy the computer from a man at Callaway Chase Apartments in Panama City, Fla. According to WJHG though, officer Neil Howard sensed something was off when he arrived at the designated meeting place off of Highway 22 at 9:45 p.m. — and his instinct was right.

As Howard was about to leave, a man named Antwan Boulware came toward him brandishing a gun, attempting to get Howard’s money. But Howard shot Boulware who was later found at a hospital with injuries to his legs.

Boulware was charged with armed robbery, according to WJHG.