Feel Good Video of the Day: 2 Vets in Their 90s Perform the 100-Meter Dash

(Photo: YouTube)

A video has been making the rounds on the Internet of two men in their nineties performing the 100-meter dash.

According to USA Today, the race took place at an event for veterans in San Sebastian, Spain.  94-year-old Emiel Pauwels hails from Belgium, while 95-year-old Ilmari Koppinen comes from Finland.

The race begins with Koppinen clearly in the lead, before his more moderated opponent finds a sudden burst of strength.  The race comes down to the wire, but you’ll have to watch it to see who wins.

“These guys are way more awesome than anything I’ll be doing if I make it to 90,” Brad Plumer wrote on the Washington Post’s Wonk Blog.

And a “Fun fact” from USA Today:

Both these men were born in 1918. At the time of their birth, the world record in the 100-meter dash was 10.6 seconds, held by Donald Lippincott of the United States. Usain Bolt’s current world record is a full second better than that, at 9.58 seconds.

Watch the entire heartwarming video, below: