April Fool’s Prank Goes Horribly Wrong: ‘I Shot My Husband, Let’s Go Bury Him in Blackwater’

One woman’s idea of a funny joke on April 1st ended with her being charged with murder…at least for a short time. Susan Hudson of Kingsport, Tennessee, considers herself a bit of a prankster and she admits that she loves pulling stunts on April Fool’s Day.

Image: YouTube.com

This past Monday, Susan called her sister and told her, “I shot my husband. I’m cleaning up the mess. Let’s go bury him in Blackwater.”

Shortly after placing that call, Hudson’s home was surrounded by local cops with guns drawn. She was cuffed and officers started investigating the report of a murder. Ms. Hudson tried to explain to the police that she was playing a joke on her sister and that her husband was not dead. Fortunately for Susan, her very-much-alive husband came home and police released her.

Local TV station WKPT visited the prankster and provided us with the wrap up of the story.