Fascinating Package Point-of-View as it Travels From Point A to Point B

When you take a package to the post office, you pay for it, see it plopped into a bin and probably forget about it until you get a confirmation email or call from the recipient (if that). But Ruben van der Vleuten wondered more exactly about what happens when items are sent through the mail.

“What happens in between you sending it off and someone else receiving it? What people and processes are involved and how many steps does it take?” the designer asked on his website.

Taking matters into his own hands, van der Vleuten equipped a package with a small camera and shipped it.

“That’s as simple as it is. The timer circuit was set to make a 3 sec video every minute and make longer videos while the box was movin: to not miss on the ‘interesting’ parts,” he wrote.

(Image: Vimeo screenshot)
(Image: Vimeo screenshot)
(Image: Vimeo screenshot)
(Image: Vimeo screenshot)

Check out the end result with the sights — and sounds — of shipping from the package’s perspective:

Check out pictures of van der Vleuten’s box and circuit design here.

(H/T: Gizmodo)


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