Officials Find Ammo Magazine on School Bus in Phoenix

Source: Phoenix Police Department

PHOENIX (AP) — Phoenix police are trying to figure out why a man reportedly got on a bus, rode it to a school and left a gun magazine with 15 rounds of ammunition on the bus.

Authorities say the man told an adult bus assistant he was with a boy who had also just boarded the Alhambra Elementary School District bus on Thursday.

The man got off the bus but police were called when a child found the magazine. One parent told KSAZ-TV she was “flabbergasted.”

Officers say they later determined that the man approached the boy in his neighborhood Wednesday but was rebuffed.

Police arrested 29-year-old Jeremy West after getting tips when news broadcasts reported a description of the man on the bus.

West is charged with endangerment, criminal trespass and having a weapon on a school property.

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