Wild Vid: Off-Duty Cop Tackles Homeless Woman as She Viciously Attacks and Holds TSA Agent in a Headlock

Chaos unfolded on Thursday at the Honolulu International Airport when a homeless woman viciously attacked a TSA worker. Captured on surveillance video, the scuffle was quickly halted after a shoeless, off-duty cop leaped over the security barrier and jumped in to stop the assailant.

Before Justin Rogers, the hero cop, intervened, though, the homeless woman (police later identified the suspect as 43-year-old Wailana Haiola) had the female TSA agent in a headlock.

Here’s the raw footage, which shows the odd incident from start to finish:

“Today” has more about the bizarre story:

Justin Rogers, a corporal from the Pinole Police Department in California who was vacationing in Hawaii, vaulted over a security barrier, grabbed the homeless woman from behind and threw her to the ground in a one-armed submission hold.

Within seconds, he subdued the homeless woman and waved his arm freely to the security camera.

Footage shows that by the time Rogers is done restraining the woman, a male TSA agent had only just started to get his leg over the security barrier.

KHON-TV takes you step-by-step through what unfolded:

Haiola reportedly became enraged when the agent asked her to put out her cigarette. And that’s apparently what led to the incident, which spawned a viral video that news outlets across the country simply can’t get enough of.

(H/T: Today)