Rare Video Captures Deer in Wild Fight…on Their Hind Legs

(Photo: YouTube/NEWSdotin)

When most people think of deer, they probably think of the great outdoors, Bambi, or how irritated they get when the creatures destroy their flowers.  But no matter the annoyance, they probably don’t think of them as violent animals.

But recently, rare video out of Sioux Falls, South Dakota surfaced showing two of the animals engaged in a vicious fight while standing on their hind legs.

It looks a little bit like a parody of a slap fight (and will probably be modified on humor sites along those lines), but KELO-TV reports the fight was quite brutal:

…did you know that deer have a dark side? When bucks don’t have antlers to fight with, they stand straight up on their hind legs and battle with razor sharp hooves.

“What they’re trying to do is establish dominance or hierarchy in the herd. Things have changed over the winter time. Some animals that were dominant might have died, might have gotten hit by a car or shot in the hunt and so they need to be replaced, so the animals are working toward getting those things settled again,” Game, Fish and Parks Wildlife Biologist Julie DeJong said.

DeJong says combat at this time of year doesn’t last as long as antler fights in the fall and that’s why you rarely get to see it.

“These battles are really quick in the spring time. Just a little fist fight there and then they’ll get back to what they were doing,” DeJong said.

And while brawls like this don’t usually result in injuries, this one in the video does. And there’s a dramatic end to this fist fight.

The video already has more than 200,000 views on YouTube, but you’ll have to watch to see the “dramatic end”:

(H/T: GrindTV)