Report: Up to 14 People Stabbed on College Campus in Houston

THE WOODLANDS, TX – JANUARY 22: Harris County Sheriff Officers work the scene at Lone Star Campus after a shooting occurred on January 22, 2013 in The Woodlands, Texas. Two people were injured during a shooting on the courtyard between the Library and cafeteria. Credit: Getty Images

CYPRESS, Texas (TheBlaze/AP) — A sheriff’s official says one person has been arrested in a suspected stabbing attack that injured up to 14 people at a Houston-area community college campus, and that it appears he was subdued by at least one fellow student.

Alan Bernstein of the Harris County Sheriff’s Office doesn’t know how many people were hurt in the Tuesday attack on the Lone Star community college system’s campus in Cypress, but multiple people could be seen being loaded into medical helicopters.

Local station KRIV-TV reports that Robert Raza, a spokesman with local paramedic group Cy-Fair EMS, “confirmed there were 14 total victims, 12 of whom were taken to hospitals.”

Bernstein says authorities have one suspect in custody and that suspect was running from building to building during the attack.

Lone Star posted an alert on its website just before 12 p.m. warning students of two armed suspects and saying one person remains at large. The alert warned people to seek shelter in a secure location.

However during an afternoon press conference a police official said that they are no longer searching for a second suspect and that the person in custody appears to have been tackled and subdued by a fellow student.

During an interview with the local Fox affiliate, KRIV-TV, one student who barricaded himself in the classroom said that the noise and disturbance was reminiscent of a rock concert. He also implored lawmakers to change the law to allow guns on campus so students could defend themselves against such attacks. You can watch him deliver those comments here.

It’s unclear what weapon was actually used. Police say it could have been a knife or even a pencil. However witnesses described it as a box cutter and that the suspect was slashing people as he was running from building to building.

Local news radio station KTRH says at least three people were being airlifted to a local hospital, eight others were brought by ambulance, and two others refused treatment.

The outlet says it all happened around 11:20am local time and that it occurred in the health sciences building.

Fox News reported on air some students identified the attacker as a white male who was known to carry a stuffed animal around campus, although that has not been confirmed.

A different Lone Star system campus was the site of a January shooting. Two people were wounded, and a 22-year-old man was charged with aggravated assault.

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