Man’s Stolen Laptop Sends Him Secret Photos of Its New Owners — In Iran

Having your laptop stolen is never a good thing. Having your laptop stolen and transported all the way to Iran is even worse.

That’s the situation Dom Del Torto, an animator currently living in the UK, finds himself in. His laptop, a MacBook Pro, is 3,000 miles away from him in Iran right now.

How does he know that? Del Torto reportedly installed “Hidden App” on his device, a type of Apple theft protection software. Both his laptop and iPad were stolen in February by someone who broke into his London flat. His iPad is nowhere to be found, but thanks to Hidden App, he at least knows the location of his computer — not that it will do him any good.

After roughly one month of Internet inactivity, the laptop started sending Del Torto images of his laptop’s new owners — in Iran.


These photos led to the “Dom’s laptop is in Iran” tumblr account, which now seems to require a password.

“In all likelihood, these are not the people who stole his laptop. Plus, there’s little he can actually do, since Iran is out of the police’s jurisdiction—but he did, at the very least, get to make a new friend sort of a little bit,” Gizmodo notes.

(H/T: The Telegraph)