‘I Think We Will Get These Guys,’ Counterterrorism Expert Buck Sexton Says of Boston Bombers

The criminals behind the bombings at the Boston Marathon are likely to be caught, and arrests could be made within the next few days, according to TheBlaze National Security Expert Buck Sexton.

Boston police officers keep a perimeter secure in Boston’s Copley Square, Tuesday, April 16, 2013 as an investigation continues into the bomb blasts at the finish area of the Boston Marathon which killed 3 and injured over 140 people. Credit: AP

“We have the full force and weight of the American government and the American people behind this — I think we will get these guys,” Sexton said on last night’s edition of Wilkow! on TheBlaze TV. “I think we’re going to see some arrests in the next few days. I hope that is the case.”

Boston is “better placed than many to handle this kind of an incident” because it is among the major U.S. cities with a fusion center that coordinates federal, state and local law enforcement efforts, explained Sexton, a former CIA officer who also served as a counter-terrorism specialist in the New York Police Department’s Intelligence Division.

“No one goes home until this guy is found – that’s what’s happening right now in Boston,” Sexton told host Andrew Wilkow on TheBlaze TV. “They are trying to do everything in their power — that’s going to mean looking at surveillance tapes, going back at electronic signatures, looking at phone records, cell phone signatures, everything they can.”

Sexton said he is confident that the teams involved in the investigation, which is being led by the FBI and includes the ATF, Boston Police Department, Massachusetts state police and other law enforcement agencies, will have whatever resources they need to track down those responsible for the bombs.

“They have a direct line into the White House and President Obama,” Sexton said. “Nothing is going to unite the American people like an attack on the homeland.”

Watch the full discussion with Andrew Wilkow here:

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