Battered Texas Blast Victim: ‘The Roof Came in on Me’

KCEN-TV out of Texas has the reports from several witnesses and victims of the West, Texas, fertilizer plant explosion.

A bloody emergency responder and medical director of the nursing home, which was evacuated of patients, Wednesday night, said he rushed over when he received a report that the plant was on fire.

An emergency responder who was inside the nursing home at the time of the West Fertilizer Co., plant blast explains what the chaos was like. (Image: KCEN-TV screenshot)

“I said get people evacuated to the far side of the building. Luckily, we had most everybody out then, but then there was just a major, major explosion,” the shaken witness explained, detailing how the fire are the plant became a blast. “The windows came in on me. The roof came in on me. The ceiling came in.

“I worked my way out to get some more help,” he continued.

Breathing heavily, the witness said he felt “exhausted.” He explained he was just trying to get everyone where he needed too without cell service or radio.

The witness later says he went in to help after Hurricane Katrina, but this situation was “overwhelming.”

“For a town of 2,400 we have three ambulances and there are literally hundreds of people hurt,” he said.

He said he doesn’t know but is worried that his personnel and some of the firemen on the scene are dead.

“What would you compare this to?” the reporter asked.

“An atom bomb,” the witness said.

“It’s like an earthquake,” he described later in the interview.

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