Barbara Bush Says Jeb Shouldn’t Run for President: ‘We’ve Had Enough Bushes’

WASHINGTON (TheBlaze/AP) — Amid the celebration surrounding the opening of son George W. Bush’s presidential library Thursday, former first lady Barbara Bush brushed aside talk of a Jeb Bush run for the White House in 2016.

Appearing in an interview from Dallas on NBC’s “Today” show, Mrs. Bush was asked if she thought that Jeb, the former governor of Florida, should seek the presidency.

“He’s by far the best qualified man,” Mrs. Bush said, “but no.”

“We’ve had enough Bushes,” she said, saying “it’s not just four families, or whatever.”

Former first lady Barbara Bush looks at her daughter-in-law, former first lady Laura Bush, while answering questions from moderator David Ferriero, a United States Archivist, during the Gerald R. Ford Museum First Ladies Luncheon on Monday, April 8, 2013, in Grand Rapids, Mich. The luncheon was a part of the America’s First Ladies: An Enduring Legacy conference. Credit: AP 

If the Bush brother was considering seeking the White House in 2016 or beyond, his mother’s comments are likely unpalatable. Plus, there’s no doubt that the quote, “We’ve had enough Bushes” would be fodder for potential Democratic opponents.

The Bush family matriarch went on to say she thought there were many worthy candidates, telling anchor Matt Lauer, “There are people out there” who are qualified.

Mrs. Bush, who had a reputation for bluntness when her husband George H.W. Bush was president, spoke from the site of the presidential library. On Wednesday, George W. Bush told CNN he thought Jeb Bush should run.

“He would be a marvelous candidate if he chooses to do so,” Bush told ABC’s Diane Sawyer.

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