The Moment a Woman Blew Her Chance at Winning a New FERRARI on ‘The Price Is Right’

During “The Price Is Right” on Thursday, a woman blew her chance at winning the most expensive and arguably coolest prize in the show’s nearly 40 year history — a 570-hp Ferrari 458 Sypder. We’re talking about a Ferrari.

The Price Is Right

The contestant, Therese, played the “Three Strikes” game, during which a player draws numbers from a bag and matches the digits of the car’s price in the correct order. Winning the game would have meant the keys to the Ferrari for Therese. The prize was offered as part of the show’s “Big Money Week.”

Unfortunately, within her first three draws, Therese manages to rack up two strikes. It didn’t get much better. By the time she accumulated three strikes, Therese hadn’t matched a single number.

As the Yahoo! blog “Motoramic notes,”It’s probably for the best; Therese would have likely owed a hefty tax bill had she won the car, not to mention thousands in insurance if she wanted to drive it; as we were noting earlier this week, history suggests people who win supercars aren’t always prepared for life behind the wheel.”

Watch the video below: