O’Reilly to Beck on Saudi National Story: ‘We’re Always Willing to Give You a Hearing’

Image: Fox News

During Thursday night’s episode of The O’Reilly Factor on Fox News, Glenn Beck discussed TheBlaze’s investigation into the government’s curious handling of the Saudi national who was questioned in the hospital after the Boston Marathon bombings.

The two former Fox colleagues talked about the possible reasons for DHS detaining the Saudi man and O’Reilly said he’s willing to give Beck “a hearing.”

Beck laid out the story to O’Reilly, showing him a copy of the front page of the report on Ali Abdulrahman Alharbi and explained that page two described the man as “armed and dangerous.”

Beck also talked about the warning that was posted by the government regarding the file.

“If you go in and try to look at any of these documents, there’s a warning – You’re breaking the law. You’re not allowed to look at it unless you are right in, and part of this investigation,” Beck explained.

Image: Fox News

Watch the entire segment and see O’Reilly’s reaction below: