‘Soft-Spoken’ Man Saves the Day After 2 Allegedly Break In: ‘I Had My Gun in My Hand in 5 Seconds’

(Photo: WFIE-TV)

Around 10:30 p.m. last Wednesday, Matt Fugate was in his bedroom when he heard an unexpected commotion, WFIE-TV reports.

When Fugate ran to investigate, he was shocked to find two men in his home assaulting his brother.

One of the suspects was reportedly brandishing what turned out to be a pellet gun, but the “soft-spoken” resident of Evansville, IN knew what he had to do.

“I raced for the gun vault and had my gun in my hand in 5 seconds…” he remarked.

(Photo: WFIE-TV)

Fugate quickly ran back to the scene of the commotion and told the intruders not to move, and to keep their hands up.

The power dynamic now considerably altered, Fugate’s brother John was able to call police.

“I just had somebody kick down my door,” John told the operator, “and my brother has [them] at gunpoint on the floor.”

22-year-old Paul Lukac and 24-year-old Justin Henschen are accused of the robbery. (Photo: WFIE-TV)

WFIE-TV names the two suspected intruders as 22-year-old Paul Lukac and 24-year-old Justin Henschen.  They apparently stayed put until police arrived, and not a single person was injured.

A Twitter feed that appears to belong to Lukak shows him to have a strong interest “selfie” photographs and marijuana.

“I think they thought they were brilliant and they were going to get away with it,” Fugate said of the suspects.

Asked to describe his initial reaction, he added: “I was scared and angry…[But] I’m relieved that nothing bad came of it…That it ended the way it did, peacefully.”

Watch Fugate’s entire interview on WFIE-TV, below:

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