Rep. Keith Ellison Compares Surveillance of Muslim Community to Japanese Internment During WWII

(Photo: NBC News)

Speaking on NBC’s “Meet the Press” on Sunday, Minnesota Representative Keith Ellison (D) compared the surveillance of Muslim communities to Japanese internment camps.

Ellison, a Muslim himself, was responding to Rep. Steven King’s (R-NY) earlier proposal that surveillance be increased on communities where “you know a threat is coming from.”

Ellison reacted: “We don’t have enough law enforcement resources to just go after one community. And remember, we went after a community in World War II, and the Japanese internment is a national stain on our country, and we are still apologizing for it.”

King responded dismissively: “No one is talking about interment. We’re talking about following the Constitution. What the NYPD is doing– yeah, they have thousand cops working on counter-terrorism, [but] 16 plots against New York have been stopped.  If any of those had gone through, we’re going to have hundreds or thousands of people dead.”

Watch the entire exchange courtesy of NBC News, below:

(H/T: WeaselZippers)