‘Integrate or Beat It!’: Belgian Weatherman Allegedly Fired for Posting ‘Anti-Islamic’ Rant on Facebook

Luc Trullemans. Source: Islam v Europe

Luc Trullemans, a popular weatherman for the Belgian television station RTL, has been suspended from his job allegedly after unleashing a “racist,” and “anti-Islamic” rant on Facebook.

The television personality said he was the victim of road-rage when he encountered a car driven by who he believed to be Islamic men. Trullemans said the driver of the car started to flash his lights, honk the horn incessantly and then cut him off before braking abruptly.

Later, the one of the men allegedly emerged from the car while both were stopped at a red light and struck Trulleman’s car.

This, the TV host said, prompted the impassioned Facebook posting in which he asserted that if Muslims in Belgium do not wish to assimilate, they should “go back to the countries they came from.”

“We give you a roof, food, money,” the alleged Facebook post said.

“We register you in a school so you can learn the language, we help you acquire the best knowledge of our country, your studies are paid for to help your integration on the labour market. But according to you it’s still not enough. But I say to you: it’s ENOUGH!!!”

Trullemans reportedly stated on Facebook.

Explaining the road-rage incident to the Belgian outlet Sud Presse
, Trullemans said he was driving at around 50 – 60 km/h, but that apparently wasn’t enough for the people who were following me.”

“Anticipating the red light a bit further up, I start to slow down. The car behind me started to flash its headlights then overtook me before cutting in and braking. I beeped the horn intensively then the driver started to accelerate then brake suddenly, several times,” he told the news outlet.

Trullemans described the driver and passenger of the car as “people of the South, dressed in traditional garb.” Apparently, while stopped at a red light, the men began to speak to Trullemans.

“They told me to get out but I didn’t want to because I was afraid,” the Belgian television host said. “They were very aggressive. They told me I shouldn’t have sounded the horn at them. I replied that there were rules to be respected such as white lines and speed limits.”

After exchanging words, Trullemans said the group of men told him that “this was their place and that I should not impose my rules on them. They also told me that I was just a ‘little Belgian.'”

Trullemans maintains that one of the men then struck his car.

After the light turned green, Trullemans proceeded on his way but said he was followed.

“I then continued on my way to the RTL car park, where they left,” he said before explaining that the incident caused him to panic and prompted his Facebook post.

“I am not racist,” he qualified.

“I also had a relationship for 5 years with an Algerian.”

The day after Trullemans’ suspension was announced, the blog Islam v Europe noted that several petitions were started in support of the weatherman.

According to the IE blog, Trulleman’s original Facebook post was deleted but captured by the Belgian news site Fdesouche.com.

Below is the Belgian’s alleged Facebook post:

I’m not going to be delicate in my words. I’ll probably be taken for a racist. I DON’T CARE!

It’s time that someone said out loud what everyone is thinking deep down and this message is addressed to you … MUSLIM friends.

I’m a non-practising Christian and I don’t hit people over the head with it.

It’s not because I believe in God that I have to put aside the values I’ve been taught.

You leave your respective countries because of dictatorship, war, violence, hatred and death.

You come to establish yourselves among us, to be able to flee all that and live happily, in health, sheltered from everything you left behind.

And now you expect to import all your ideas into your home where we give you everything you need to help you integrate!

We give you a roof, food, money.

We register you in a school so you can learn the language, we help you acquire the best knowledge of our country, your studies are paid for to help your integration on the labour market.

But according to you it’s still not ENOUGH!

But I say to you: it’s ENOUGH!!!

Enough of wanting to change our customs and traditions, enough of bullying our rights and liberties because it’s against your religion, enough of calling us racist because we don’t like your way of doing things.

Why do you come to your country if it is only to try and change it into the image of the country you fled?

We are offering you hospitality, which means it is up to you to conform to your traditions and customs.

When a foreigner comes to live in your country, he has to respect your traditions, your customs and when he doesn’t respect them it is even punishable by death in some of your countries!!! And we Europeans have to let you change everything without saying anything???

Go back to your own countries if our traditions and customs displease you so much!

You get up our noses by wanting to change everything though you weren’t capable of doing it in your own countries!

Who are the real racists do you think?

A racist is a person who doesn’t like people of another nationality. Inverting the roles are you?

Integrate or beat it!