Calif. Parents Whose Baby Was Seized by Police Are One Step Closer to Regaining Full Custody After Court Ruling

Anna and Alex Nikolayev with their baby, Sammy. (Photo: Facebook/Bring Sammy Home)

The 5-month-old baby boy who was seized by authorities in Sacramento, Calif. will be transferred to a Bay Area hospital for further medical evaluation, a court ruled Monday. However, the baby’s parents are celebrating a victory as they can now see him whenever they want and will be in charge of all the child’s medical decisions moving forward.

A detainment order has been lifted, but Child Protective Services (CPS) will continue to monitor the case, KXTV reports. The court also ruled that the parents must follow all future medical advice, including not removing their child from Stanford Medical Center without proper discharge.

“A county social worker will make regular house visits to check on Sammy once he is returned home,” the report adds.

“It’s like a special day for us. It’s like we’re in a unit with our son again,” the baby’s mother, Anna Nikolayev, said. “We’re just not going to let go anymore.”

As TheBlaze reported earlier on Monday, Anna and Alex Nikolayev say they had their baby “snatched” by police after they took their child to get a second opinion on a medical procedure. The Russian couple took the baby from Sutter Memorial Hospital in Sacramento without a proper discharge, which ultimately led to their son being taken from them.

The baby, Sammy Nikolaev, has been in protective custody since April 24 when police and officials with CPS took him from his parents following the hospital dispute. CPS officials say they removed the child due to “severe neglect.”

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