The Best Video of a Fuel Heist Gone Wrong You Will See All Day

We know you have a lot of choices when it comes to watching botched fuel heists every day, and so we want to assure you that the decision to watch ​this ​one is a good one. Another way to put it: If you watch one video of a botched fuel heist today, make it this one.

The below happened at a Caltex station in Mount Warren Park near Brisbane, Australlia, last week. In short, the couple was apparently trying to steal gas — and surveillance video captured it all.

It opens with a woman filling up her gas tank:

But quickly an attendant becomes suspicious (you pay for your gas after filling up at that station) and starts to loiter around the vehicle to take a closer look at the woman and her companion’s license plates:

With no warning, the woman’s companion hits the gas with the hose still attached, launching her into the air and sending gas spilling out of the now-detached hose:

Now here’s the video:

But the incredible story doesn’t end there. According to The Australian, the couple actually has thus far gotten away with the crime.

“Investigations are continuing and there’s no charges,” a police spokesman told the outlet.

And apparently it’s an epidemic. The police added that such dine-and-dash-like heists are common in the region.

“It does cost us a hell of a lot of money,” the gas station owner said.

But at least this one provided some laughs, too.

(H/T: Gawker)