Glenn Beck Announces TheBlaze TV Partnership With Mega Hollywood Filmmaker

In this 1993 file image originally released by Universal Pictures, Sam Neill, portraying Dr. Alan Grant, runs from dinosaurs in a scene from “Jurassic Park.” TheBlaze TV’s “Liberty Treehouse” will showcase students’ work from “Sneak on the Lot,” a program developed with “Jurassic Park” producer Gerald Molen. (AP)

Glenn Beck on Thursday announced a new partnership for TheBlaze TV with major Hollywood producer Gerald Molen, whose credits include “Jurassic Park,” “Schindler’s List” and last year’s “2016: Obama’s America.”

TheBlaze TV’s children’s education program “Liberty Treehouse” will start showcasing student work from “Sneak on the Lot,” an experiential curriculum for aspiring young filmmakers developed by Molen and partners Darrin Fletcher and Chet Thomas.

“We have abdicated all of the arts to the uber-left and then we just complain that our kids and our families are bombarded with lyrics and imagery and messages that are embarrassing at the worst and corrosive to everything that we stand for,” Beck said on his radio show.

“Sneak on the Lot” is currently taught in about 250 schools around the country, but the goal is to make it part of every school or home classroom, Beck said. In showcasing student work on “Liberty Treehouse,” TheBlaze TV audience will receive a behind-the-scenes look at the filmmaking process.

“We believe this is going to be a historic partnership,” Beck said. “The goal of this partnership is to find the next Jerry Molen, the next Steven Spielberg, and encourage the making of quality films that represent the true creative spirit of America. We are going to take back our culture through quality arts-based education.”

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