What Did the Houston Airport Gunman’s Suicide Note Say?

Carnell Moore (Source: KHOU-TV)

Police have identified the gunman in the Houston airport shooting from Thursday afternoon that left the shooter dead and a terminal on lockdown.

On Thursday TheBlaze had learned from sources that the person had intended to “take out the entire terminal.” That was confirmed by KHOU-TV late Thursday night, which reported that the man — 29-year-old Carnell Moore of Beaumont — had left a suicide note saying he “had a bigger plan, but decided to show mercy on others.”

That note also said he had a “monster within” and he wanted police to take care of it.

From the report:

Moore posted two cryptic messages on his Facebook wall Wednesday: “This Life Will Crash Tomorrow!” and “I recently had the chance of staring death in the face, and she was beautiful.”

Moore had been staying in a Houston hotel the last few days. He would have turned 30 this month.

Citing the Houston Police Department, KHOU said the law enforcement officer that fired on Moore was a Homeland Security special agent  that “fired at the gunman at the same time that Moore shot himself in the head.”

You can watch the local report below: