How a $10 Purchase Saved a Man’s Life After He Was Bitten by a Rattlesnake News Weather and Sports for Montgomery, AL.

You can buy one for as cheap as $3. Chad Cross picked one up for $10. And it saved his life.

What are we talking about? The cheap purchase is a simple snake bite kit — and Cross found out how invaluable one is during a turkey hunting trip in Alabama on Sunday.

While walking, the Montgomery resident was bit in the calf by a 6ft pit viper.

A picture of the bite after Cross made it to the hospital. (WSFA-TV screen shot)

“Best way I can describe it is someone taking a full swing with a baseball bat and hitting me in my calf,” he told WSFA-TV.

“I knew I had to calm down and get my heart rate down because the faster my heart was pumping, I knew the faster than venom was going through my system.” he added.

That’s when he also pulled out the snake bite kit he had kept in his pack for years. He had no idea how to use it, so he read the instructions. In a about 15 minutes, he had used the suction-like device to extract the venom.

(WSFA-TV screen shot)
(WSFA-TV screen shot)

And it worked.

He eventually made it to a hospital for anti-venom, but the doctors say his $10 purchase saved his life.

(H/T: Grind TV via Yahoo)