Dashcams don’t just capture negative events, like accidents, near accidents, police chases, illegally parked cars being crushed and blazing meteorites as they fall to earth. They capture a whole lot of good too.

Pulling together many of these dashcam clips, LiveLeak featured a compilation video showing the many acts of kindness in one place.

The more than five-minute video that will help restore your faith in humanity includes, but is not limited to, people stopping to:

  • Help older people cross a busy roads;
  • Physically lifting someone with no legs, struggling with crutches in the middle of the road up to the appropriate position;
  • Wiping off someone’s snow-covered taillights so they wouldn’t cause an accident later;
  • Giving someone a push — and a pull; and
  • Saving a couple babies.

Check it out and see if it doesn’t make you smile — or tear up:

(H/T: Jalopnik)