SNL Mocked These Hosts Again…


“Saturday Night Live” brought back its “Fox & Friends” parody, this time mocking the hosts’ outrage over calling gay NBA player Jason Collins a hero. The show has been a favorite SNL target over the years.

“Steve Doocy,” played by Taran Killam, kicked things off by noting that even while the latest jobs report was encouraging, he still knows many people out of work.

“And what is the president doing about it? Congratulating NBA players for being gay!” he said. “Since when does telling your embarrassing personal secrets make you a hero? Hey, everybody, I prefer Asian ladies, I’m a hero!”

“Gretchen Carlson,” played by Vanessa Bayer, joined in: “Hey, I use prescription deodorant on my entire body — I mean, give me a medal!”

And the show’s perpetually clueless “Brian Kilmeade,” played by Bobby Moynihan, piped up: “I practice French kissing on my own hand.”

The hosts then brought on New York City Mayor “Michael Bloomberg,” played by Fred Armisen, to harangue him about his push for more gun control. Bloomberg defended his efforts, saying, “If there’s one person gun owners listen to, it’s a northeastern Jewish billionaire.”

That’s when Doocy pulled out a massively large Big Gulp and asked Bloomberg if he was going to be arrested. Watch the full sketch below, via NBC: