Ted Nugent Eviscerates ‘Soulless’ Media in Exclusive Backstage Interview: ‘I Will Continue to Go Piers Morgan on You — Know That’

Ted Nugent talks to TheBlaze backstage at the 2013 NRA convention (Credit: TheBlaze)

Legendary rocker and conservative firebrand Ted Nugent takes pleasure in, as he put it in his speech at this year’s NRA convention, “dancing on the skulls” of dishonest and hypocritical members of the media. In an exclusive backstage interview with TheBlaze on Sunday, the NRA board member savaged the “grossly unprofessional” and “sinfully biased” so-called journalism peddled by the mainstream media.

“They’ll never get it,” Nugent told TheBlaze in a dimly lit green room at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston. “And that’s why I emphasize the soullessness–I’m pretty good with adjectives but I feel helpless coming up with one incriminating enough or descriptive enough to identify those who would hate freedom, hate the right to self-defense and smirk at the widow of a Navy SEAL for celebrating the freedom that all warriors dedicate and volunteer their lives to fight for.”

The “smirk” Nugent was referring to occurred in the press room during the NRA convention this weekend where an unidentified individual, presumably a reporter (he was wearing a media badge), told this author that it was “weird” that Taya Kyle, the widow of slain Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, would speak at the NRA event after her husband was killed with a gun.

“Make no mistake, my enemy looks and smells exactly what the enemy of freedom should look and smell like: Hygiene challenged Michael Moores, G-force lying Nancy ‘you don’t have to read it, you need to sign it’ Pelosis, deceptive scam artist like Dianne ‘I’ve got a .38, you don’t get one’ Feinstein,” a passionate Nugent told TheBlaze.

He went on to say that people like CNN host Piers Morgan “don’t care about saving lives.”

“I know that’s a terrible thing to say, and it pains me to say it,” he clarified. “I’m in shock like you are and challenged to accurately describe the negative soullessness of people who would be against self-defense.”

Nugent went on further: “Those that would smirk at the widow of a Navy SEAL hero is a perfect representation of whose on the other side of the line drawn in the sand. I’m on the side with Glenn Beck and Chris Kyle and his widow. I’m on the side with the warriors and freedom lovers.”

The good thing about the media showing exactly who they are, Nugent explained, is that it makes it easy to tell if you are on the side of good or evil. “We are the good,” he added.

The rocker continued his scathing critique of the media, saying so many in the industry are “dishonest,” “grossly unprofessional,” and “sinfully biased.” To that end, he said there may be no hope in helping them at this point.

“Honesty and integrity, sense of decency and, especially in the media, dedication to accuracy is something that must come from within,” he said before addressing the media specifically. “Those you who violate the premise of honest journalism, you are so feeble and soulless you don’t even know it…I will continue to go Piers Morgan on you — know that. Brace thyselves.

Nugent, undoubtedly one of the biggest supporters of the military and America’s veterans, also recapped a phenomenal moment that occurred on stage during his NRA address Sunday. Two veterans organizations, Operation Finally Home and the Military Warriors Support Foundation, gave two wounded veterans each a custom built home on the final day of the NRA convention to honor their sacrifice.

Nugent said most Americans understand that our freedom is provided by the “supreme sacrifices” of the nation’s U.S. military heroes. Sadly, veterans are severely mistreated by the government at times, he argued.

“But when it really comes down to it, [it] is we the people giving away free custom homes to the heroes who have sacrificed their legs and their arms,” he told TheBlaze. “And we’re fighting to stop the tragedy and the curse of increased suicide in the veterans of America by reaching out to them like we did today and giving away two custom homes to heroes of the United States military who need that help.”

But charitable acts like the one mentioned above happen “all the time,” Nugent said, adding that he hopes the media will cover the incredible show of generosity for veterans’ sake. “Because more and more Americans, as they learn that we can reach out to the military heroes…good Americans always do,” he concluded. “God bless those who give.”

Visit Operation Finally Home and the Military Warriors Support Foundation to learn how you can support the brave men and women of the U.S. military.

For those of you who couldn’t make it to the NRA convention in Houston this year, here’s the incredibly long line that remained more than an hour after Nugent’s book signing began on Sunday: