Guess How This Ended

A man jumped onto Washington, D.C., area subway track Monday afternoon and held a standoff with a Metro train whose conductor fortunately was able to bring the cars to a stop before hitting him. 

(Image: Twitter/@mikekap3)

The incident occurred at 2:52 p.m. at the Court House metro stop in Arlington, Virginia, just outside of the District. ARLNow reported Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority spokesman Dan Stessel saying the man lowered himself onto the tracks and stood in the middle for 15 seconds before the train entered the station. 

According to the Mike Kap, who snapped the above photo and updated people about the situation via Twitter (@mikekap3), it is unclear if police ever arrived. Kap did note that the police department is located within close proximity to this particular metro station. 

In conversations with others asking him questions on Twitter, Kap wrote that the station manager was on the scene and that the man was taken off the tracks. 

“The train operator saw the man and stopped the train in time,” Stessel told “Third rail power was taken down, and the man climbed back onto the platform under the supervision of the train operator and the station manager.”

The man was taken to a hospital for psychological evaluation. 

Aside from train delays, the situation had a much better outcome than other recent stories with individuals on subway tracks. 


(H/T: Daily Mail)