Illegal Border Crossings Have ‘Spiked Dramatically’ in Anticipation of Immigration Bill, Officers Say

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An organization of local law enforcement officers claims illegal border crossings have soared as a result of the “mere speculation” of Congress passing immigration reform.

“Driven by mere speculation that [the Senate bill] may be enacted by Congress, illegal border crossings have spiked dramatically,” members of the National Immigration and Customs Enforcement Council wrote in a letter to lawmakers dated Thursday.

“Thousands of unaccompanied children, runaways, and families now attempt to illegally enter the United States in hopes of receiving legalization. This trend will surely continue after enactment as S. 744 provides no commitment of stronger border enforcement for at least five to ten years following the initial legalization phase.”

The council also warned that the bill would give “political appointees” discretion in terms of enforcing certain laws.

“[One section] gives the Secretary of Homeland Security virtually unlimited discretion to waive any manner of crimes that would other wise make an individual ineligible for legal status –– for such expansive reasons as family unity, humanitarian purposes, or what the Secretary believes is in the public interest,” the letter states. “At least two of these standards appear undefined by S. 744 or current law, providing political appointees with broad authority to establish their own definitions of these terms and pardon criminal acts under almost any circumstance.”

(h/t CNS News)