Have You Ever Seen a Helicopter Doing Backflips? Here’s the Awesome Video

(Image: Fox5 San Diego screenshot)

It might look like this upside down helicopter is flying out of control, but the pilot is actually more in control than ever.

This raw footage shows a Red Bull helicopter sporting some of its tricks above San Diego’s Bay Tuesday evening:

According to Red Bull, “Malibu” Chuck Aaron is the only helicopter pilot licensed to perform such aerobatic tricks in the U.S., making him one of only three internationally. He is also the first helicopter pilot to receive the Art Scholl Showmanship Award.

(Photo: Red Bull)

“I love doing things nobody has ever done, as well as the opportunities the Red Bull Helicopter offers me,” Aaron, who has been flying with Red Bull since 2004, said according to the site.

(H/T: Fox5 San Diego)