Story of Anchor Who Claimed IRS Intimidation Has Taken a Weird Twist

St. Louis anchor Larry Conners said in a Facebook message Tuesday that he had become a target of the Internal Revenue Service after asking President Obama tough questions during the 2012 presidential election.

And now his story has taken an interesting twist.

“Those were my personal views, not those of KMOV-TV,” Conners said Tuesday afternoon in an attempt to clarify (backtrack from?) his Facebook post. “I should disclose that my issues with the IRS preceded that interview by several years.”

“As a journalist I understand the importance of keeping personal matters separate from my professional work; sometimes you have to do that to retain your independence as a news man. Those lines might have been unintentionally crossed yesterday by my post,” he added.

But here’s something interesting: A “well-placed source” tells conservative columnist Dana Loesch that Conners was “forced” to give the statement on his post.

If true, that would be rather remarkable.

Here’s the original interview between the president and Conners:


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