Ever Wonder How It’d Look to Have Your Face Eaten by a Bear? Here’s Your Answer

Ever wonder what it’d be like to have your face bitten off by a bear? No? You’ve never imagined being mauled by a grizzly?

Huh. Maybe it’s just us.

Anyway, the following video comes courtesy of biologist Brad Josephs who “recently planted a GoPro camera out in the Alaskan wilderness,” Deadspin explains, “hoping to capture some up-close footage of bears for a BBC nature show.”

But rather than catching bears (i.e. “nature’s Shermans”) acting all cute and nature-y, Josephs’ GoPro camera answers our opening question, that is, this is what it’d look like to have your face taken off by a bear:

“Amazingly there was no damage to the camera!” Josephs writes on the video’s YouTube page, apparently undisturbed by images of the bear’s cavernous, gaping jaws of death.

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