Panic: Blanks Fired, Cannes Crowd Collapses Into Chaos

Confusion and panic overtook a crowd of fans at the Cannes Film Festival after blanks were fired during Christoph Waltz (Inglourious Basterds, Django Unchained) interview.

Although you can’t hear the shots in the following video, the crowd’s reaction is unmistakable:

Waltz was doing the interview for French news program called Le Grand Journal. After the shots were fired, security rushed him from the stage.

“Television footage showed Waltz, other guests and crew scrambling from the seaside stage as a voice said ‘there’s someone shooting,'” the Associated Press reports.

“When transmission resumed minutes later, host Michel Denisot said the noise had been caused by blanks. There were no reports of injuries,” the report continues. “Local newspaper Nice-Matin reported that a man was detained by police with a starter’s pistol, a pocket knife and a plastic grenade.”

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(H/T: TMZ). This post has been updated.