Stu Does His Best Jay Carney Impersonation During a Benghazi Press Conference

Starting at 10pm ET on Saturday nights,  TheBlaze TV is loaded laughter from back-to-back comedy shows — “The Wonderful World of Stu” (WWOS) followed by “The B.S. of A.” Ahead of this week’s show, we grabbed one of the segments from WWOS to give you a little taste.

What did we choose? Considering the news of the week, we thought Stu’s rendition of a Jay Carney press conference was quite relevant.

Stu seems to have a particular appreciation for President Obama’s press secretary.

Image: White House

And thanks to “hair and makeup,” Stu can morph into a pretty good Carney clone.


Take a break from the relentless news scandals of the day and treat yourself to a clip from tomorrow night’s WWOS where Stu does his best Jay Carney struggling through a Benghazi press conference:

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