Woman Who Lost All Limbs to Flesh-Eating Bacteria Gets $200K Bionic Arms

Aimee Copeland made national headlines last year after she contracted a flesh-eating virus that required both of her arms and legs to be amputated.

Copeland, 24, who has been getting used to her new life since the zip-lining accident last summer, is getting a little help from a new pair of prosthetic hands, becoming the first woman in the world with both upper limbs amputated to use iLimb technology, according to WXIA-TV.

Aimee Copeland is fitted with iLimb, a new bionic hand. (Image: WXIA-TV)

The iLimb hands by Touch Bionics based in Ohio are now allowing Copeland, who lives in Georgia, to perform everyday tasks like wiping tables, hanging cloths and straightening her hair, the report adds.

(Image: WXIA-TV)

Watch Copeland test out the hands in this report from WXIA-TV:

Copeland said she is eager to use the new hands for cooking or perhaps even a little knitting.

Georgia Tech’s Robert Kistenberg is working with Copeland and her new prosthetics and said they cost $100,000 per hand. Touch Bionic though gave Copeland the hands free of charge when health insurance wouldn’t cover the cost.